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Zack Rudledge

Zack Rudledge joins us today to talk about his journey with mental health and share some helpful tools.

Jim Shoopack

Jim Shoopack shares his journey will mental health, how his faith has interplayed with his struggles and where he's at today.

Hank Wade

Henry Roberts shares his journey with mental health and how through his website and work with helping others gave him a new focus in life.

Sharon Greenwald

Sharon Greenwald shares her journey with depression and suicide.

Natalie Hibberd

Natalie, author of Inside Out, talks about growing up with a disability and how that has impacted her relationships with others.

Episode 11: Hunter Travis

Hunter Travis joins this episode of Silent Journeys and shares his journey with mental health.

A Brief Message

Today, I just have a brief message to share of thanks to you. We'll be back to our regular programming after this!

Episode 9: Rob Kalwarowsky

Rob Kalwarowsky shares his story with mental health and talks about his podcast High Performance Narrative! You can find all of Rob's links here! Subscribe to DtHP...

Episode 8: Hadi Malik Awan

Hadi Malik Awan shares his mental health journey and how he tries to stay in the present.

Episode 7: Mike Fallek

In this episode, I talk with Mike Fallek, co-host of the Hashtag Cult podcast to talk about mental health and how cults are intertwined with it. We also begin to explo...

Episode 6: Sergio Halaby

Sergio talks about how his experience with an anxiety attack and how it led him down a new path in life.

Episode 5: Aswin Anil

In this episode, Aswin Anil talks about his experience with depression, bulimia, and anorexia and how cricket and a student counselor helped him through his journey.

Episode 4: Brettney Perr

Brettney Perr, the coach behind Obscurum, shares her journey with mental health and about Obscurum.

Episode 3: Lucy Smith

In this episode, Lucy Smith talks about her mental health journey, her book The Dirt, as more.

Episode 1: Uddhav Parab

Ud shares his journey with mental health and sheds light on the status of mental health perceptions in India.

Episode 2: Chris Osborne

In this episode, Chris Osborne, host of Play Comics, talks about his mental health journey.